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A beautiful garden is a joy that millions of Americans spend thousands of dollars and countless hours to achieve. While this national obsession sweeps the country, Counselor Kendra Hurd calls upon us to tend our most important garden that is, the garden of our soul - so that we may produce a rich and hardy soil that can support a life lived with true happiness and serenity.

With clear, practical “gardening tools” that she outlines in this workbook, she deftly defines the necessary steps that will lead to our emotional and spiritual growth. Discovering the eternal spring within us is a journey that Ms. Hurd has successfully taught thousands of men and women.

Ms. Hurd is a recognized professional counselor who advocates the feeding and watering of our “inner garden”. With her expert guidance she points the way to the path of maturity, healing and peace of mind -- all of the positive qualities that we hope our outdoor, green and flowering gardens will give back to us.

Kendra Hurd M. A.

(217) 816-9287

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