Relaxation Response
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Relaxation Response:

Research from Harvard Medical School, Mind/Body Medicine, states that the
Relaxation Response can lower our blood pressure, heart rate, breathing rate,
and perspiration rate. It quiets our "negative chatterbox" in our heads, and
gives us the ability to chose our responses to situations instead of doing
"knee jerk" responses to situations. The Relaxation Response turns off our
negative stress chemicals and turns on our natural antidepressants.

The soul demands as much attention as the body. The soul demands fellowship
and communion with God.

The soul wants to be contented, alert, and relaxed.

Soul food can provide you with a sense of completeness and helps heal you from
the inside out.

The Relaxation Response and Diaphragmatic Breathing is "soul
food" that helps "NURTURE THE GARDEN WITHIN."

You are going for a mind that is as crystal clear as a pond that does not have any minnows jumping in it (your thoughts are the minnows that produces waves in your mind).

When your mind is quiet, you can hear the messages from your Higher Power.

Here are the four different ways to do the Relaxation Response as presented on the "Nurture the Garden Within"  audio tape

  1. Positive Affirmations
  2. One Word Phrase or Mantra,
  3. Body Scan,
  4. Visualization.
    Please notice which method feels the most comfortable for you.

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